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it is now at version 5.. New is the OS version of the VM's and some other minor fixes,

This is a powershell script that generates a detailed Inventory Report of a Free Core 2012 Hyper-v Server or a Stand Alone Datacenter Hyper-v 2012 server. It will dump a text file report, I left it as a text file because there is no way to read a XML, or CSV file native on the Free Core Server 2012.

The Detailed report file that tells you the :
The Reports data and time
The Vhost's Name and Uptime
The Vhost's amount of RAM,Virtual CPUs,the virtual hard disk path and virtual machine path.
The Vhosts IP addresses, MACs and NICs Description
The Vhost disk space available on drive C: (you can add as many drives as you need in the script)
The Vhosts Virtual switches and their names
The Total # of VM's on the VHost and their: Name, RAM(GB), vCPU Count, State, Status, Uptime, AutomaticStartAction, IntegrationServicesVersion
The VM's BIOS setting (startorder and num-lock state)
The VM's Virtual Switch it is attached to and IP address/MAC
The VM's DVD information and if anything is mounted
The VM's Hard drive file location, type, format and size
The VM's snapshots and location

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