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You simply download the
unzip it
On the vhost
Create a C:\software\reports folder(s)
Software folder is where the ps1 and bat file reside and software\reports is where the reports reside.
copy getvmlist.ps1 to it and then you can run it either via a batch file or manully from within powershell

Powershell method
in DOS window type powershell <enter>
cd\ <enter>
cd software <enter>
.\getvmlist.ps1 <enter>

batch file method
In DOS window
cd\ <enter>
cd software <enter>
.\report.bat <enter>

NOTE: If you know for a fact that VM has a NIC and IP and the reports shows it does not have either, you need to install the lastest Microsoft Intergration Tools package onto the VM. Once the package is install and you rerun the report you will see your IP and MAC address displayed.

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